Who I Am

As a means of introduction, I provide here a collection of statements about myself. This is necessary in my opinion to give you an idea of my perspective – where I’m coming from with the thoughts, beliefs, and ideas in my blog posts.

I am a teacher. This is the only career I have ever wanted to pursue since my first day of school as an active and inquisitive three-year-old.

I am a new teacher. I began my career in September 2009. Since that time I have been employed as an LTO (long-term occasional) and now a permanent teacher with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

I am a teacher of many subjects. I graduated with an HBA and BEd from Brock University with teachables in French as a Second Language and Mathematics. In my first five years in the profession, I obtained four Additional Qualifications Courses: my Honour Specialist in FSL, an additional basic teachable in Health and Physical Education, an additional basic teachable in Dramatic Arts, and an AQ in Teaching and Learning Through e-Learning.

I am a teacher at many locations. In my first seven semesters, I worked at seven different secondary schools in Hamilton. I have now been very fortunate to have been teaching French Immersion at Westdale Secondary School since 2012. I have also taught Summer School for the past six summers at four different school locations.

I am a teacher of many different students. I believe that each student in front of me is an individual, unique, wonderful person. It is my role to get to know each person in my classroom as best I can, and adapt my teaching to meet their academic and socio-emotional needs to the best of my ability.

I am a teacher who volunteers. I seek any opportunity to interact with students through school events outside the classroom. This helps serve my role of getting to know each person in my classroom as best I can.

I am a teacher who desires to be a leader. I have always taken on leadership roles throughout my life. As a young teacher, the opportunities have been somewhat lacking. I believe that I have a strong voice and a valuable contribution to make to education.

I am a teacher who is a learner. I constantly strive to better myself and to discover and explore our world.

I am a teacher who loves teaching. Each day at school brings me the utmost joy and pride. It is a remarkable privilege to be let into the lives of so many amazing young people, and I relish every moment.

2 thoughts on “Who I Am”

  1. bloodpolice said:

    Wow! I guess we did okay in raising you after all!

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