Reflections on Leadership Course

I have recently begun my formal journey as an aspiring leader by taking the course Leadership 1 through the HWDSB. Here I plan to catalogue my reflections after each session to help share and organize my thoughts, musings, wonderings, and questions as I learn and grow as a leader.

Reflections on Session 1 – Orientation/Introduction

Reflections on Session 2 – Analysing Your Decision-Making Style

Reflections on Session 3 – Considering the Qualities of an Ideal Leader

Reflections on Session 4 – Linking Leadership and the Educator

Reflections on Session 5 – Examining a Process for Change

Reflections on Session 6 – Improving Student Achievement

Reflections on Session 7 – Managing Conflict

Reflections on Session 8 – Building Effective Teams

Reflections on Session 9 – Communicating Effectively & Understanding Board Process

Reflections on Session 10 – Reflecting on Your Personal Leadership Journey

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