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Last month, I presented at my school’s School Council Meeting, and it was a new and interesting experience for me. Our principal has initiated the practice of inviting a different teacher each month to present to parents what they have been learning and working on. Parents have heard about Problem-Based Learning, new Assessment & Evaluation practices, and even the learning goals of one of our Vice Principals. I was surprised when the principal reached out to me and asked me to be the presenter for the March meeting.

It took some time for me to settle on what to present. As the title of this blog suggests, my personal philosophy and mission is to always be learning. In addition, with teaching such a variety of courses at the school, I have quite a range of experiences and different learning that I do with each discipline. My principal’s suggestions to help me narrow my focus were to concentrate somehow on my recent Leadership 1 course, and to talk about current learning with the classes I have this semester.

I was able to springboard from there to the very broad topic of transitioning to the new FSL curriculum in my FIF2D classes (this semester), and in general with the French Immersion Learning Team (as a potential informal leader on the team). I was nervous to so openly speak about my learning and how I am experimenting with new activities and ideas, but it was a rewarding experience to hear support and engagement from the parents in attendance.

Based on my presentation, I’m starting a new series of blogs about my foray into Ontario’s new FSL curriculum in a secondary French Immersion classroom. Each entry will be based on one of the seven “Enduring Ideas” identified in the front matter of the new curriculum:

enduring_ideas(From page 8 of the 9-12 document)

Stay tuned for the first post later this week!